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Books and Bites: Neal Shusterman Read-Alikes

In November, our four junior high schools hosted Neal Shusterman for an amazing author visit! His “presentation” was student-centered and student-driven–they asked questions they were dying to have answered and he gave thought-provoking answers.

One way we prepared for his visit was to choose Neal Shusterman Read-Alikes as our monthly Books and Bites theme. Our public libraries’ teen librarians visited over the lunch hours, and we all talked books to eager students.

Yes, I should have posted this a long time ago, but it’s never too late to read a great book!

Bruiser Read-Alikes 

Everlost Read-Alikes

Full Tilt Read-Alike

Unwind Read-Alikes

The Schwa Was Here Read-Alikes

Books and Bites Gallery: Tales to Make You Shiver

It just occurred to me that this week is the third Books and Bites of the year, and I have not yet posted any Books and Bites galleries.

Books and Bites is a collaborative program with the teen librarians in our community. They visit both of my schools one day per month, and students come during their lunch hours to hear themed booktalks. They leave with a bookmark to reference the titles talked and others on the same theme.

So I guess I will start with October’s featured books. Every year the theme is horror/scary books, and every year we have a sell-out crowd 🙂

Note: Approximately six books are shared at each session. Some books are shared with eighth graders only.

May Books and Bites: Paws to Read

The last Books and Bites of the year is always a giant commercial for the summer reading programs at our twin-city libraries. Both teen librarians explain how their reading rewards work, highlight the programs they offer, and hand out flyers. This year, the statewide theme for Illinois is “Paws to Read,” so we also talked some animal books. A great time was had by all 🙂


Book Spine Poetry

2014-04-22 13.42.03Want a quick, engaging activity to celebrate National Poetry Month and get students exploring the library? Try some book spine poetry!

Just invite/take a class to the library, show a quick example, and let students work alone or in pairs (more fun) to create their own mini-masterpieces!


Here’s a link to a gallery created by some of our 8th grade students.

The best part? This is fun for all ages 🙂

Books and Bites: April Foolishness

Today, the local teen librarians and I welcomed 60+ middle school students to the library for a lunch filled with giggles, snorts, and bathroom humor. I admit I must take credit for sharing both the “poop” book and the “fart” book. I guess I’m working with the right age group 🙂

Here are the funny books we shared: