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Taking a Haitus

hiatusAs 2016 came to an end, I found myself evaluating whether I was attending to this blog as I have in the past, and as I should be. I seem to have dwindled to posting only on Mondays every week, and not always looking forward to that. In thinking about it, I suspect it is more of a “no longer enamored with the format” issue than a “not excited to share about books” issue.

Therefore, I am going to take a break from blogging to see whether I am more motivated and fulfilled by posting reviews on Goodreads and sharing my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. I am also taking a stab at Litsy to see if I like it. I will most likely reevaluate at the end of February.

I plan to keep on reading the blogs I find inspiring and commenting when I have something meaningful to contribute. Gotta fill the TBR list and kee on top of what’s going on in YA and MG lit, y’know.

Here’s how to catch up with me in other places if you are so inclined:


Facebook (I Push Books page): 

Twitter: @ipushbooks

Litsy: ipushbooks

Happy 2017, happy reading, and keep on pushing those books, everyone 🙂


All Hallows Read – Give Someone a Scary Book for Halloween

2016 All Hallows Read poster courtesy of Introverted Wife

Attention all Halloween and Horror fans!

Want to celebrate the season?  Give someone you love or like (or hate) a scary book for Halloween.  This idea was hatched a few years ago by the one and only Neil Gaiman who knows a thing or two about books and creepy stuff. Fans created a website called All Hallows Read to keep the idea going, and it has turned into a sort of movement.

This year, Litsy is getting in the game and partnering with Out of Print to donate books to kids through First Books when people promote all Hallows Read. I started up at Litsy and then fell away for a bit, but this is renewing my interest. That, and the fact that Litsy is now available for Android (I just need to clear up some space for it on my phone).

Anyway, I have enjoyed giving horror books to family and friends for the past few years, and I just ordered a few of my gifts today. I can’t post them until Halloween though–no spoilers, of course…. Bonus: my husband got a book for me this year, too 😀

As if my post isn’t convincing enough, here is Neil Gaiman himself encouraging your participation.


2017 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Nominees

rcyrbalogoThis is the post where I usually list the new nominees, but the re-vamped Rebecca Caudill website is so cool, you should click here and look at it there instead. The list is plain, but the website itself is wonderful. The site is still all dressed up for the 2016 award, as voting will take place from today until 2/28, but the new list, resources, etc. will make their appearance on April 1st.

For those of you new to the Rebecca Caudill Award, it is Illinois’ children’s choice award for 4th-8th graders. The award is in its 28th year and going strong. Especially notable is the diversity of this year’s list, which developed naturally from a strong pool of books originally nominated by young people (mostly) and their teachers and librarians.

In 2014, I posted about a 2015 nominee every week with my Rebecca Caudill Roundup series. I had intended to do the same last year, but life got in the way, so they say. So this is my official pledge that I will bring back the Roundup for the 2017 list. Like the Caudill website, it will debut in April. Hold me to it folks!

2016 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Master List!

rcyrbaToday is the big day!

To see the new list on the brand-new website go here! It is filled with wonderful authors with amazing stories to tell!

For those of you who enjoyed my 2015 Rebecca Caudill  Roundup, I will once again share one 2016 book each week. However, since we are still in reading and voting for 2015/nominating for 2017 mode until April 1st, it will be some time after that date.

To keep up on the latest and greatest news from RCYRBA and the authors on the list, be sure to check the website, follow @RCYRBA on Twitter and “Like” the Facebook page as well.