Wrap Up: 2016 Goodreads, Reader Harder, Panels, and Surprise Me Challenges

Yet another reflection on my reading challenges of the past year. Looking back, I feel pretty satisfied with my reading accomplishments in 2016.

2016challengeGoodreads Challenge
This year, I upped my goal to 130 from 125 (my goal for 2014 and 15). I was able to surpass it, with a total of 137 books, just a few less than last year. I think I am going to stick with 130 again for 2017. If you want to see everything I read, here’s a link to My Year in Books, courtesy of Goodreads.

dnfRead Harder Challenge and Panels Challenge
I set out with good intentions to use these challenges to diversify my reading, and I lasted until about the summer before I stopped finding books to fit categories. I read 13 for Read Harder and seven for Panels. I guess these sorts of challenges are just not for me, so  doubt I will try participating in 2017.


1294462_610283705699430_153240590_oSurprise Me Challenge
This is a challenge just for me, to replace the Random Reads Challenge I did in 2015 that was not continued by the blogger who hosted it. I read 11 of the 12 books randomly chosen from my TBR list, and I only missed reading all 12 because one of the books is lost in the house somewhere, I can’t find it in a local library, and I’m not going to buy another copy. This challenge gave me the variety I was looking for, without having to follow someone else’s plan, so I will do it again for 2017.

How did you do in meeting your reading goals and challenges this year?

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