All Hallows Read – Give Someone a Scary Book for Halloween

2016 All Hallows Read poster courtesy of Introverted Wife

Attention all Halloween and Horror fans!

Want to celebrate the season?  Give someone you love or like (or hate) a scary book for Halloween.  This idea was hatched a few years ago by the one and only Neil Gaiman who knows a thing or two about books and creepy stuff. Fans created a website called All Hallows Read to keep the idea going, and it has turned into a sort of movement.

This year, Litsy is getting in the game and partnering with Out of Print to donate books to kids through First Books when people promote all Hallows Read. I started up at Litsy and then fell away for a bit, but this is renewing my interest. That, and the fact that Litsy is now available for Android (I just need to clear up some space for it on my phone).

Anyway, I have enjoyed giving horror books to family and friends for the past few years, and I just ordered a few of my gifts today. I can’t post them until Halloween though–no spoilers, of course…. Bonus: my husband got a book for me this year, too 😀

As if my post isn’t convincing enough, here is Neil Gaiman himself encouraging your participation.



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