Join the Mini-Challenge: 16 (bookish) Horror Films in October ’16


Welcome, horror junkies! 

Those of you who are frequent visitors know that I don’t read a lot of adult books, but when I do, horror novels are my genre of choice. And I am always delighted to read and share scary YA books and creepy MG stuff.  To quench my taste for all things horrific, I am in my second year of participating in the awesome 2016 Horror Reading Challenge, and I recently met my goal of reading 16 horror books this year (and it’s not even October yet).

So when Tracy of Cornerfolds and Lilyn of Sci-Fi and Scary, the co-hosts of the reading challenge were in the market for a mini-challenge, I suggested a horror movie challenge, which we tweaked to focus on horror films adapted from books rather than just screenplays.

I plan to post my progress here on this blog (since it’s my only one), and I hereby invite and encourage you to make a late entry into the Reading Challenge and a just-in-time entry to the 16 (bookish) Horror Films in October ’16 mini-challenge. Wait, I mean I DARE YOU!

Let’s let Tracy share the nitty-gritty below:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Halloween! (Okay, honestly I love Christmas most but Halloween is a close second.) This is my second year hosting the Horror Reading Challenge, this year with Lilyn from Sci-Fi and Scary as my co-host! With the help of Michelle @ I Push Books, who came up with this brilliant idea, we are bringing you a brand new Halloween mini-challenge for the month of October!

The goal of this challenge is to watch 16 horror films in the month of October, but there’s a catch! Each of the horror movies you watch for this challenge must be based on a book. Yes, there will be prizes at the end, but our main objective is to have a lot of fun and great discussion! We will be talking about all the movies we watch in our Goodreads discussion group!

Challenge guidelines

  • Must be a particpant of the Horror Reading Challenge (you can sign up HERE)
  • This mini-challenge will run from October 1st – 31st
  • All films must be based on a book
  • Link your sign-up post or your progress page below in the linky
  • You can track your progress on Goodreads, IMDB, your blog, or anywhere else
  • Each movie you log will gain you an entry in the giveaway (a horror book or movie of your choice)
  • For bonus entries, you can also read the book the film was based on
  • Participants who complete the challenge will receive a super awesome badge to post on their blog
  • Please don’t forget to visit the discussion group so we can talk about the movies we watch

Lists to get you started

 Join the mini-challenge

  • Link to your sign-up post at the Cornerfolds or Sci-Fi and Scary post for this challenge (since does not allow me to display the link up…grrr…) with Your Name @ Your Blog (if applicable)
  • If you are a blogger, create a post with your goals and a link to wherever you plan to track your progress
  • If you are not a blogger, just link to wherever you’ll be tracking your progress


cryptkeeper  Won’t you join us???


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