My Reading Challenges for 2016

2016goodreadsGoodreads Challenge

For the past couple of years my goal has been 125 books, but I have always made it into the 130s…so upping the ante just a bit 🙂 I feel between the challenges below and things I have to/want to read for work I should have no problem. I don’t want to aim too high, however. Please friend me on Goodreads (click on challenge graphic) so we can keep tabs on each other.

Cornerfolds Horror Reading Challenge

I loved, loved, LOVED this challenge last year because it gave me encouragement (justification) to read what I love! So I am setting my goal to read at least 16 horror titles to earn the “Horror Hound” badge.



bookriotreadharderBook Riot Read Harder Challenge

I abandoned this challenge last summer, when I had completed 10 of the 24 categories. Somehow I overlooked that it was the first one EVER or I think I would have tried harder. My best friend, Kari, was a total wonder woman and completed it and I am so impressed by her, so I am joining her in trying again for 2016. Also, I plan to take advantage of the fact that many participants count books for more than one category if applicable.


panels-2016-read-harderPanels Read Harder Challenge

A comic and graphic novel challenge! I have grown to love this format, and so I want to read even more. I am positive my husband will be my in-house expert and  guide me to some great choices to complete the 26 categories. Plus, Kari and I just decided we would read Fables together for our complete run. YAY!


1294462_610283705699430_153240590_oSurprise Me Challenge

For the past couple of years I participated in the Random Reads challenge, but it looks like the blog imlovingbooks is now gone. However, I loved rolling the dice and taking on a random book from my TBR pile each month, so I am challenging myself to select a “surprise” book every month in the same manner. After failing to find a “surprise me” graphic I liked (that was fair use), I thought I would use the cheap-Elvis-sunglasses picture from our 20th anniversary Vegas trip from a few years ago. Thanking myself very much for continuing this challenge 😉

What are YOUR reading challenges this year?


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