#GNCelebration: Graphic novels are for all readers! #StoriesForAll

I am excited to join Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn of A Year of Reading; Alyson Beecher of KidLit Frenzy; and Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan of Assessment in Perspective in their October Graphic Novel Celebration with a post every Thursday.

This week, I have been following #StoriesForAll tweets and posts, especially those by Shannon Hale. It’s both a celebration of reading and recommending widely and a call to action to banish the notion of “boy books” and “girl books.” As I opened a box with two brand new copies of Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, I thought about several of my junior high students–girls and boys– who would relish this new title (that I still need to read myself). And then I thought about all the kids–boys and girls–who have reserved Raina Telgmeier’s Smile and Drama and Sisters this year. And all the students–girls and boys–who loved my student teacher’s recent booktalk for Anya’s Ghost.

Long gone is the notion that “comics” are for boys. ALL kinds of kids love ALL kinds of graphic novels, so a great place to start when recommending books for ALL readers is right there.

Here’s a gallery of the graphic “novels” (one’s a memoir) that I have read in 2015 (so far) and love recommending to ALL my students–who then recommend them to each other.

And here are my 2015 reads that I would recommend to high school and/or adult readers–Saga is definitely for adults–of any gender.

Those of us that work with young people are so lucky that we have such appealing, excellent titles to recommend to our readers.

ALL of our readers.

Now let’s go do it!


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