#GNCelebration: Slappy’s Tales of Horror

I am excited to join Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn of A Year of Reading; Alyson Beecher of KidLit Frenzy; and Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan of Assessment in Perspective in their October Graphic Novel Celebration!  Each Thursday in October, I will post about a recently read and/or favorite graphic novel.

Want to join in the fun? Check out this invitation post at the Nerdy Book Club blog.

slappystalesofhorrorJust in time for both Halloween and the Goosebumps movie release, Scholastic’s Graphix imprint has released Slappy’s Tales of Horror. Slappy, Stine’s famed ventriloquist’s dummy, introduces the four tales from the classic Goosebumps series, which have been adapted and illustrated by accomplished comic artists Dave Roman. Gabriel Hernandez, Ted Naifeh, and Jamie Tolgason. Each story has a unique art style, of course, but all of them do an excellent job of amping up the terror and gross-out factor. When I shared the ARC with my thirteen-year-old son, he started exclaiming out loud over the creepy crawlies, werewolves, and ghosts that seem to pop right off the page. I made sure to purchase two copies at my recent book fair , as I am certain it will delight Goosebumps fans and draw in graphic novel readers who have yet to read the original series. Hopefully this the start of a beautiful friendship between Goosebumps and the graphic novel format. I know I’m hooked!


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