It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 8/10/15

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a meme started by Book Journey. The folks over at Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers have given it a children’s/YA spin. I thought it would be a fun way to recap last week’s reading and give a sneak peek of my TBR pile.

Last Week’s Books:

I am quite late in the game in coming to Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ epic comic series, Saga, but wholeheartedly must say better late than never. Readers who work with young people, please note that this is an adult comic which includes adult language and sexual situations, and I would recommend it for adult public library collections. The hardcover book I read collects issues 1-18 of the series. Hazel is the story’s narrator, although at this point in the story she is an infant, born to parents who started out on opposite sides of a terrible war. Saga chronicles their flight from the societies that seek to find and punish or destroy them. Filled with memorable characters, breath-taking artwork, and elements of both science fiction and fantasy, this story is incredibly engaging and it will be hard for me to wait for the next hardcover collection–I may just have to read the trade paperbacks and/or individual issues first. This book counts for my Award Winning Books 2015 Challenge, as each year since 2013 the series has won multiple Eisner and/or Harvey awards.

Speaking of award-winning graphic novelists, Craig Thompson is releasing his first book for young readers on August 25. I received an ARC of Space Dumplins to review for Library Media Connection, so I must save my comments for publication. Look for Space Dumplins from Scholastic’s Graphix imprint.

Half a Chance is another excellent piece of realistic fiction by Cynthia Lord. Lucy and her parents have just moved to an old house on a lake in New Hampshire. There she meets Nate, whose family is spending the summer at the cottage next door, as they have in years past. Although hesitant about making friends who will just leave at the end of the summer, Lucy can’t resist joining the Loon Patrol, which reports on a breeding pair of loons that live on the lake. Lucy’s summer is also filled with secretly shooting photos for a contest of which Lucy’s world-famous photographer father is the judge. With Nick’s help Lucy plans to enter the contest under a false name, but come clean if chosen as the winner. Nick’s family is having difficulty adjusting to Grandma Lilah’s fading memory and possible dementia, and it might be her last year at the cabin she loves so. Nick and Lucy’s friendship is tested when Lucy takes a powerfully emotional photo of Lilah at a moment when she is feeling lost and scared. Favorite line: “Oh, people will think what they think!…Don’t ever choose the people who don’t matter over the ones who do.”

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