It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/2/15

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a meme started by Book Journey. The folks over at Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers have given it a children’s/YA spin. I thought it would be a fun way to recap last week’s reading and give a sneak peek of my TBR pile.

Last Week’s Books:

Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust by Doreen Rappaport is a meaty informational text that recounts many true stories of many different types and instances of Jewish resistance. This work is definitely the result of meticulous and dedicated research. Each account is accompanied by arresting photographs, primary source documents, and more. Given that its intended audience is junior high and middle grade readers, my observation is that this book is best used as a resource for research rather than one to read all the way through. Though the stories are inspiring, they are a lot to take in when the book is read all at once–not only are there countless dates, names, and details, but it is an emotionally wrenching read as well.

Speaking of an emotionally wrenching read, on Sunday I spent a good chunk of my day with Katherine Hannigan’s True (. . . Sort of). Although this book was published in 2011, I am hesitant to include spoilers, as I am happy I went in “cold” to read it. Delly Pattison, who makes up her own blends of words and is always looking for fun or a good fight has been in trouble more times than she can count. When she is on her last chance at her current school, she meets new student Ferris Boyd, who does not speak and musn’t be touched by anyone. To take her mind off of getting into trouble, Delly first studies and then tries to befriend Ferris. The strong voice in this book makes it an excellent read-aloud selection for those who are ready for some deep thinking about some tough stuff. A five-star book for sure.

Currently STILL Reading/Listening To:

While listening to World War Z keeps getting better, I keep putting down The Lost Hero to read something else. I might end up abandoning this one….

On Deck:

Two adult books and a YA 🙂


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/2/15

  1. I’m reading Lost Hero aloud to my son right now. Wish the book had been edited a little more. I have never liked a Rick Riordan novel, but my son seems to be enjoying it, and that’s mostly all that matters to me in a read-aloud! True (sort of) sounds fascinating–I also don’t know anything about it so would be going in “cold.” Glad to know it makes a good read-aloud, as I’m always looking for my next book to read aloud to my son. He’s on such a fantasy kick right now but the books he keeps talking about after we finish are always realistic fiction. (He’s still talking about Albie from Absolutely Almost… months after we finished that book.)

  2. I am so delighted to read yours and Elisabeth Ellington’s comments about The Lost Hero. I’ve read The Lightning Thief, and tried to read The Red Pyramid. I gave up because it was too boring, and like you said, need serious editing. I’m glad you are enjoying WWZ. It is such a fabulous book to listen to. I think I will have to read Trigger Warning because Gaiman includes an American Gods story. American Gods and The Anansi Brothers were two of my favourite books last year.

  3. Rick Riordan is a hit-or-miss for me, but I know that I should read his Percy Jackson series if only to find out what makes it so popular with so many young people. 🙂 I’ve read a few of his books from The 39 clues series too, and they’re mostly forgettable for me. I’m very excited about Trigger Warning.

    1. I read The Lightning Thief and definitely feel I know which students to recommend it to, so no real need to read the rest. I only keep reading series books if I am personally interested in them. I feel that if kids like book one, then the rest will sell themselves.

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