2015 Reading Challenges

Happy New Year (again), everyone!

Here are the reading challenges that I am tackling this year:

goodreads2015I was pleased with my Goodreads goal of 125 books last year, and I was able to surpass it by just a little. So, my goal is once again 125 books, and you can see that I am already on my way to meeting it.

I can’t find an official logo for Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, so this one will have to do. Although I frequently say that I read mostly YA and MG books and don;t really miss reading other things, I did thoroughly enjoy nearly all of the books for adults that I read this year. Book Riot created 24 categories to expand readers’ horizons. I am completing this challenge along with my best friend and my cousin’s daughter, and I joined the Goodreads group as well. That should be the right amount of support to keep me motivated πŸ™‚

awbgb2015Another way to expand my reading will be participating in Gathering Books’ Award Winning Book Reading Challenge 2015 (orΒ #AWBRead2015 to make it a little bit shorter). I like that the award books are not limited to the “biggies” and that the Gathering Books folks have posted many suggested lists and links. I am signing up for the Level 2: Silver Medal, which is 11-24 books. I should be able to match some of these up with the Read Harder challenge books as I go along.

One cool thing about this challenge is that there are prizes to go along. Random participants win books! I participated in Gathering Books’ CORL 2014 last year, and won a lovely little picture book πŸ™‚

random readsI am glad that imlovingbooks will continue hosting the Random Reads Challenge this year. Last year, I was able to read some hidden gems that I had forgotten were even on my TBR list! I will once again use random.orgΒ to select the “number” of my book. This time I will be going off of my Goodreads to-read shelf, as I transferred titles over from Shelfari so I won’t have to use it anymore except as an archive. Look for my January Random Read post this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Well, now it’s official–I have four challenges to complete for 2015. Excuse me while I go read πŸ˜‰


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