Long-Awaited Sequel: #Nerdlution15

I immensely enjoyed participating in last year’s #nerdlution, an idea dreamed up by Colby Sharp, Franki Sibberson, and other Nerdy Book Club members. By posting here and via twitter, I felt an accountability for sticking with my goals of reading, writing, cleaning, and creating for a certain time period each day. I also joined #nerdlution2, but I think it came a little to close to the first one to inspire the same feeling in as many people. But waiting a year? Well, that timing is just right!

#Nerdlution15 started yesterday and goes through February 19th. That’s 50 days to start, keep, and master new habits. Here are mine:

1. Play a game with my son at least once a week: Our son is now 12, and so it is very easy for everyone to come home and do their own thing and get wrapped up in it and only communicate during dinner. I want to start breaking that cycle and playing games seems a good way to do it. My husband is invited to join us, too 🙂 We started by playing Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit last night, and I came in third place :-/

2. Write at least two blog posts a week: After I finished my Rebecca Caudill Round-up series, I found myself posting on Mondays, and that’s about it. I know it was a busy time of year, but I know that writing is good for me, too.

3. Cut down on pop–to two times a week: I was very successful at this for a while, and then Pepsi started sneaking its way back in. I received a number of lovely teas from my husband, sister, and father-in-law for Christmas, and I need to remember that if I want a cool and refreshing treat, it’s OK to make iced tea in winter–it does not ALWAYS need to be served hot.

4. Start my day with the Nerdy Book Club: I got away from reading the posts first thing every morning, and then sometimes didn’t get to reading them at all. I need some great stuff to get motivated every day, and this goal seems just the thing.

Want to join us?  Check out posts from Colby and Franki, and jump on board! You don’t need a blog to do it–just tweet using #nerdlution15 🙂


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