2014 Challenges and Goals Recap

It’s the last day of the year! It was a great reading year for me, as I participated in a few enjoyable challenges to keep me motivated. Here’s how I did:

goodreads2014I am glad I made the switch over to Goodreads for 2014. I was a little resistant, as I was used to Shelfari and had no complaints. However, there is more of a community at Goodreads, and I have enjoyed belonging to just one group and following my friends’ reading.

I am please with the goal I set for myself, too. 125 books seemed to be just the right amount, and even though I surpassed it, some of the books I read were small informational titles for review, so i think I will keep my goal the same for next year.

check_off_your_reading_list_challengeThanks to everyone over at Gathering Books for the CORL Challenge 2014.  This challenge is about tackling that TBR pile! I really gained a sense of accomplishment when I was able to finish a title from my old Shelfari “Plan to Read” shelf.

I meant to sign up for Level 2 (11-25 books) – Book Savant but I accidentally signed up for Level 3 (over 25 Books) – Rabid Bibliophile. In all, I read 18 books, which I definitely find satisfying. About a week ago, I transferred all the books I still want to read from that old Shelfari shelf over to Goodreads so they are all in one place. Now I have 166 books to choose from for the 2015 challenge.

Also, I have to mention that I have enjoyed discussing my reading with Myra through her comments on this blog and my (less frequent) comments on Gathering Books. She is both insightful and encouraging, and I appreciate her support 🙂

random reads

I am also thankful for the motivation received from participating in imlovingbooks’ Random Reads Challenge. For this challenge, readers use a random method (I use random.org) to select a TBR title for the month. It was great to rediscover books that piqued my interest at one time and to see if they lived up to my expectations. Even though I didn’t finish every book during its random month, I did finish them eventually to meet the goal of 12 this year. I am counting e.e. cummings’ Complete Poems, 1904-1962 even though I have not yet finished it. It is not the kind of book you can sit down and read for long periods of time if you want to spend time thinking about the poetry. I have read a great chunk this month, though, and plan to savor more of it throughout 2015.

Thanks to all of you who read and/or comment on my blog. Being a part of a community of readers is an awesome thing!

Happy New Year!



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