December Random Read

A full year of Random Reads! Woo-Hoo! Thanks so much to for helping me tackle the back-catalog of my TBR list!

eecummingsLast month, Fate smiled on me and gave me a short book during a busy month. December?  Not so much. This month, chose #36 for me, so I will be reading Complete Poems, 1904-1962 by e.e. cummings, which probably weighs the 25 pounds I must be able to lift to do my job ;-). This was a Christmas gift from my husband last year, and while I can’t say I will actually read every word, I plan to dip heavily into the book from time-to-time this month . . . unless we have a snow day before Winter Break or something . . . you never know . . . .

2014 Challenges: November Progress

  • Goodreads goal of 125 books in 2014: 13 this month; 123 total. ALMOST THERE!
  • CORL 2014 goal of 25+ books from my “plan to read” shelf: One: 42 Miles17 total. Don’t think I’ll quite make this one this year . . .
  • Random Reads goal of 1 book per month: One: 42 Miles; 11 total

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