2015 Rebecca Caudill Roundup: Slob by Ellen Potter

slobSlob by Ellen Potter is a delightful yet thought-provoking realistic fiction book that is full of surprises. Take the cover, for example. When I first saw the title and the cookie, I assumed that this novel would be about the trials and tribulations of an overweight adolescent. And it is. But is much more than that, too. Yes, Owen Birnbaum suffers through teasing at school, and someone is stealing the Oreos from his lunch. But he is also a creative and dedicated inventor, who scours the local junkyards for components for his devices. Lately, Owen has a mission–to perfect a device that will let him see into the past. Because he MUST look back on something that happened two years ago.

Here’s an example of my reaction to just one of Slob‘s surprises, and I was lucky enough to get a tweet back from Ellen Potter, herself.





And that’s not all, of course. But I won’t spoil the motivation for Owen’s invention for you. You’ll have to read and find out for yourself.

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