2015 Rebecca Caudill Roundup: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend book coverYou know what I love? When you can recommend a series to students and they can read ALL of the books without having to wait! If your students have not yet discovered Legend by Marie Lu and its sequels, Prodigy and Champion, it’s a great time to introduce them to this dystopian trilogy.

It’s the future and the Republic has replaced what was once the western United States. The story is told by two narrators: June, a brilliant and gifted student at a military academy, and Day, the Republic’s most elusive and wanted criminal. The two cross paths when Day becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Metias, June’s older brother. Although when they first meet, neither knows who the other truly is, and they even share a kiss. Things get intense when June figures out who Day is, but Day eventually convinces her of his innocence and the two work together to uncover a conspiracy concerning the government and a deadly plague.

According to Lu’s website and an article from MTV a film is coming along. I know that would delight so many of my students who have read it.

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