September Random Read

I am once again late with this month’s Random Read, but less so than last month. In fact, I have not yet read August’s book as it was checked out by a student–a very reluctant reader who reject several books until the title and cover of Under My Hat caught her eye. I would rather she read it than meet my monthly goal. I can get to it when she has returned it.

rapturepracticeThis month, gave me the number 97, and so I will read Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler. I made sure to check it out of the public library right away, but I was puzzled to find it in the fiction section when it is, in fact, a memoir. Here is the Goodreads summary:

When Aaron Hartzler was little, he couldn’t wait for the The Rapture: that moment when Jesus would come down from the clouds to whisk him and his family up to heaven. But as he turns sixteen, Aaron grows more curious about all the things his family forsakes for the Lord. He begins to realize he doesn’t want Jesus to come back just yet—not before he has his first kiss, sees his first movie, or stars in the school play.

Whether he’s sneaking out, making out, or playing hymns with a hangover, Aaron learns a few lessons that can’t be found in the Bible. He discovers that the girl of your dreams can just as easily be the boy of your dreams, and the tricky part about believing is that no one can do it for you.

In this funny and heartfelt coming-of-age memoir, debut author Aaron Hartzler recalls his teenage journey from devoted to doubtful, and the search to find his own truth without losing the fundamentalist family who loves him.

2014 Challenges: August Progress

  • Goodreads goal of 125 books in 2014: 6 this month; 90 total
  • CORL 2014 goal of 25+ books from my “plan to read” shelf: 1 this month–Unwind by Neal Shusterman; 13 total. I still need to step up on this one!
  • Random Reads goal of 1 book per month: None this month–will read Under My Hat when a student returns it

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