2015 Rebecca Caudill Roundup: Chuck Close Face Book

I, like many others, am always on the lookout for non-series informational texts that will interest and engage students. And I have found just that in this week’s Roundup title. It’s an autobiography. It’s about overcoming adversity. It’s about the passion and the process of making art. It’s about finding new ways to do the things you love when you have no other choice. Parts of it are in interview format. It has a tremendous glossary–and a timeline and an index and suggestions for further reading. It’s interactive, as students can flip portions of portraits around to make something new. It’s amazing. It’s Chuck Close: Face Book chuckclose What really shines through this book is that Close has become a world-famous artist despite many challenges he has faced. First, he has prosopagnosia, or face-blindness. In fact, he got his start drawing portraits so he could reference them to remember people. In 1988, Close experienced what he calls, “The Event,” a spinal artery collapse that has left him partially paralyzed from the neck down. Rather than let that be the end of his art, Close developed methods and devices to continue his work, including a system which moves his huge canvases, including lowering them into the floor, so that he can easily access all parts of them. After I finished reading Chuck Close: Face Book last November, I put it in my friend the art teacher’s mailbox at school. The post-it note on it said, “Warning: Awesomeness inside!” 🙂 Need more convincing? Watch this video, in which Chuck Close shares a note he was asked to write to his younger self.

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