Book-A-Day Challenge 2014

Ah, summertime is here! At my house, we are all off work and school, so our routine is wildly different during these few precious weeks. There is time enough at last for–everything. And that includes reading.

So today, I will begin the Nerdy Book Club’s Sixth Annual Book-a-Day Challenge. The idea is a simple, yet brilliant, one: make a commitment to read all summer, striving for an average of one book per day. All types of books count, and it’s perfectly OK to skip a day and make it up later. Then share those books via a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and/or any other social media outlet your heart desires.

Pretty simple. Very powerful. Allons-y!


2 thoughts on “Book-A-Day Challenge 2014

    1. If I look at it the right way, I can say I am continuing to work even though I have summers “off” from school 🙂
      It also helps that my husband is a teacher, too, so we have lots of hours in the day to get things done and still read.

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