One Year Blog Anniversary

Nuvola_apps_cookieIt’s easy to remember my blog anniversary, as it shares the same date as my birthday. One year ago today, I set out to share my love of “pushing books” with a wider audience than the students and staff of my school. Right around the same time, I started regularly following the Nerdy Book Club, created a new Twitter account, and jumped head first into NetGalley. All were great ways to not only promote my blog but to also learn the ropes, so to speak.

In looking back over the past year, what I remember most is not what I have written, but what I have read by others; not a clever tweet or two, but the knowledge others’ tweets have lead me to; not stats or likes, but fascinating discussions; not books I have shared, but the myriad of books I have learned about through this thriving online community of wild readers.

So on this one-year anniversary, I am truly thankful for this blog, and I consider it the gift I gave myself last year. Because of it, I am not only a better writer and a better librarian but a better human being. And I thank all of you who have helped me realize that gift.


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