david bowieWell, my role has changed for a second year in a row.

Last spring, my primary responsibility changed from full-time IMC Specialist to most-of-the-time interventionist with IMC for the rest of my teaching assignment. The same thing happened to the other three middle school IMC Specialists in our district. Although we did our best with our intervention groups, we were not silent about the impact of this change on the majority of our students and teachers–and neither were our students and teachers. In particular, our ELA teachers lobbied the administrators almost continuously to bring us back full-time. And that has meant more than they could ever know.

Two of the four of us have decided to leave the district to follow a different path next year. The district has decided that no new IMC Specialists will be hired and that the two of us remaining shall service all four schools–and that our primary role will be to support the Core, especially ELA, by returning full-time to the IMCs!

While being in charge of two schools’ library programs will present a new set of challenges, being able to go back to doing what I love to do and what I believe makes the greatest impact on the greatest number of students is beyond exciting. Most importantly, I feel validated as a professional–even though I knew what I had been doing for 17 years was great for kids and I knew I had the support of the teachers who had worked with me for years and years, it was fulfilling to hear administrators agree that my role as IMC Specialist is crucial to student success.

So I enter my summer with a lightened heart and an eagerness to meet head-on what lies in store for me for next year. In the words of the Tenth Doctor (my favorite), “Allons-y!”


2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. I’m so glad you can get back to doing the parts of your job that energize you and is so important for your students. I have loved working with you for Books and Bites these past few years!

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