Something Old? Something New?

I am finding myself in a dilemma.

I love reading new books that I see people buzzing about and that I find on Netgalley. But I have no budget with which to buy books for my middle school library. I was only able to get new titles through my Scholastic book fair profit and a very select few with donation money (mainly sequels students were clamoring after).

And so I find myself wondering if I should continue on with Netgalley and checking new books out of the public library to find new books to buy someday when I have money again OR if my time is better spent reading from my middle school library collection so I can better promote the books I do have which are not being checked out much.



5 thoughts on “Something Old? Something New?

  1. Interesting question! I find myself continually obsessed with the new (and spending a lot of money buying books) while books that my students would still enjoy reading languish on the shelves–unread by me and thus unpromoted by me. I am doing a “YA Shelf of Shame” challenge this year, which is getting me into that backlist, but I think I could do a lot more. Your post has got me thinking!

  2. I read every hardcover fiction book in my school library, which was a big help with weeding. THEN I started reading new books from the library, which lead to more publishers sending me books. Now I get a decent amount of new books to review, but I also have a decent budget. I’d split your reading between old and new. also, if no one in your school collects Box Tops for Education, see if you can. I make more money through that than through book fair!

    1. Every book? WOW! I have been in my library 18 years and can’t say I have come close to that.

      I like the sound of splitting–my Rebecca Caudill Committee reading and Netgalley will keep me in touch with recent and brand new books, and my shelves hold many more options.

      I think I’ll start a list of every book in my collection a student asks about that I haven’t already read and start there. They always assume I have read them all–it’s so cool that YOU can say you have! šŸ™‚

    2. My challenge just got even greater! I found out today that due to budget/staffing cuts I will be taking on another middle school library and splitting my time between the two. Of course there will be lots of overlap, but that’s even more “backlist” titles to read….

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