Surprise Spring Break Reading Challenge

2013-11-15 14.25.49Some of the best ideas can be the ones that come in a flash. Yesterday I talked to some 6th graders about how it would be great if they all read at least one book over Spring Break next week. I was thinking more about that this morning and decided to email the following message to all 700+ students.

Let’s see who reads their emails…and who reads over Spring Break, too.

I, Mrs. Glatt, challenge every Charger to read at least one book over Spring Break!

Here’s how to do the Challenge:

  1. Read a book over Spring Break.
  2. Reply to this email and tell me what book you read and a little bit about it.
  3. When we get back to school, see me in the IMC for a free Monical’s pizza coupon to celebrate your reading.

That’s it. Piece of Cake.

Enjoy your Break!

Mrs. Glatt

Yes, I have that many pizza coupons. Yes, I want to give them all away to my wild readers. I hope my inbox gets flooded this Spring Break. I will read and respond to all the students’ emails–in between reading my own books, of course.

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Surprise Spring Break Reading Challenge

  1. Update: 26 students answered the challenge and got a free pizza! Not bad for a first try, especially since I know lots more kids read, but most rarely check their school-issued email 🙂

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