Challenge: March Random Read

13DaysToMidnightIt’s time for a new Random Read, which also counts for Gathering Books’ CORL 2014, of course. This month I used Random Number Generator because the website was down. It has given me #24 on my Shelfari “plan to Read” shelfThirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman. Which is strange–because last month’s “random” read was Dark Eden by Patrick Carman. I think the universe might be trying to tell me something…or maybe Patrick Carman is….

Here is Shelfari’s description:

When Jacob’s foster father whispers, “You are indestructible” seconds before dying in a car crash that should’ve killed them both, Jacob never imagines he could possess a real superpower. To test it Jacob and his friends start indulging comic book-like fantasies. Later, they commit to use this amazing power of indestructibility to do good in the world and save others from death. But how do they decide who to save? And what happens when they blur the lines of life and death, right and wrong, and good and evil? Thirteen Days to Midnight is a nail-biting tale of dark intrigue, powerful romance, friendship and adventure.

2014 Challenges: February Progress

  • Goodreads goal of 125 books in 2014: 8 this month; 33 total
  • CORL 2014 goal of 25+ books from my “plan to read” shelf: 1 this month–Dark Eden; 4 total
  • Random Reads goal of 1 book per month: Dark Eden
  • Nerdlution: Started Round Two on 1/27. Keeping track of progress here.

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