F is for Fantasy @ Books and Bites

Books and Bites is the monthly lunchtime booktalk program when the YA librarians from our two public libraries come to visit and to help me share books. This month, we featured fantasy, a very popular genre. In fact, it caused one student to shout “Best Books and Bites EVER!”

This time I decided to have a drawing to see which student would get to check out and read a featured title first. Students put their names and the name of the desired book(s) on scraps of paper and put them in a giant bucket as they left. Tomorrow I will draw names to find out which students won “first-dibs” on books and to create the subsequent reserve list. It was great to see how excited the students were to enter to win.

These were the titles we featured over four lunch periods.

The book that evoked the most enthusiastic response was hands-down The Order of Odd-Fish by James Kennedy–probably because I bellowed out a slew of insults from the battle between Ichthala, the All-Devouring mother and Aznath, Silver Kitten of Deceit. (scorpion underwear!?!) And I called it a great book for someone who thinks Adventure Time is not random enough. Best. Bait. Ever. 😉


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