Pull Up a Chair, It’s a Saturday Book Share: LEGO Books

My family rarely sees movies in the theater anymore, but my brother gave us a gift card for Christmas–and then The LEGO Movie came out yesterday, so we hustled ourselves to a matinee today.

You’ve probably already seen the trailer, but here it is anyway.

It was a great movie–funny on lots of levels and creative and beautiful to look at.  Sure, it got a tad message-y at the end, but I can forgive that.

And as soon as we got home, my 11-year-old son wanted his LEGOs up from the basement. We had stashed them there to make room for the Christmas tree and his new laptop had distracted him for asking for them back. Thanks, LEGO Movie–he needed that push to build again 🙂

But I was going to talk about a book, wasn’t I? Actually three books. I have three LEGO books in my middle school library, and they rarely sit on the shelf.

The LEGO Book, The LEGO Ideas Book,  and Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the LEGO Minifigure were all publiched by DK between 2009 and 2011. The not only give a history of LEGOs, but also include gorgeous photographs and sample creations to inspire the minds of young builders. And they fascinate people who love LEGOs.

These are not the only LEGO books, of course. If my library budget had been up to the usual snuff this year, I would have added these titles:

The LEGO Movie has inspired me to start investigating LEGO clubs and makerspaces. I’ll bet there are a bunch of students at my junior high who build and who would love to get together before or after school. The problem is…the LEGOS. We have a TON at my house, but my husband and son love them and I don’t think they would be willing to give any up for a club. Our public library has LEGO events from time to time, and I seem to remember them putting out a call for donations. I think I’ll see how successful they were. I could also look into grants. But reading to see how others have done it will save me some time.

Where to start? First stop: Teen Librarians’ Toolbox’s post, The Pop-Up/Mobile Makerspace Moment. It’s a great place to read about a small start to celebrating LEGOs in a library, and they always have cool ideas over on their blog.

Inspired?  You bet I am! Time to build something 🙂


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