Pull Up a Chair, It’s a Saturday Book Share: Ice Time by Michael McKinley

ice timeI am pleased to be participating in the Random Reads Challenge, hosted by imlovingbooks.com. How very fitting for me to luck into Ice Time: The Story of Hockey by Michael McKinley as my January random read. With a publication date of 2006, this book has been in my middle school library for quite a while and on my TBR list for almost as long. Oh, yeah, and this book also counts for CORL 2014–I’m up to pulling three books out of my “pile” now.

This jam-packed informational text follows the story of hockey from its birth in the 1880s to Team Canada’s gold medal in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The narrative focuses on the development of the sport of hockey, particularly in Canada, and the players who have shaped the game. There are a myriad of archival photographs to peruse and sidebars on nearly every page that celebrate additional players and great hockey moments.

This book is so rich with detail that it will be appreciated most by avid hockey fans who recognize the big names and teams, as much of the text assumes a familiarity with the rules and conventions of the sport itself. This makes sense, as it was written by a Canadian and published by Tundra Books.

For me, it was not only an engaging read,  but also just the thing to amp up my already-low-grade Winter Olympic Fever 🙂


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