Winter Olympics Fever

sochi2014I am sure that I have previously mentioned my intervention classes at some point. This strange snow-day-filled start to the semester means that I am just now starting up with some new groups. The intervention model I will be following at this time is Assisted Writing, which is a combination of reading, word work and writing. Since the reading consists of articles, poetry, and other short pieces, I felt that it would make sense to choose a theme to guide my resource selection. At a recent training, someone mentioned that the Winter Olympics were coming up soon–and there was my theme 🙂

Below are just a few sources of informative, interesting short texts I found to share with my students. Have a look. You might be able to use them, too–either with your students or just to enhance your enjoyment of the games.

  • Team USA – Each student is picking an athlete to follow during the Sochi games. We started out just by writing their name, hometown, and sport, but there will be other days where students will read about and write a summary of their performance. The Team USA site has short bios for each athlete as well as tweets and blogs from the athletes themselves.
  • Sochi 2014 Olympics – News – The official site of the 2014 Olympics has a news section that includes press releases and promises daily summaries once the Games begin.
  • NBC Olympics – Daily updates include brief news items about athletes, teams, and all things Olympics. I have already found several pieces that predict winners and performances that we can read now and discuss when we find out what really happens.
  • Newsela – This news websites features articles from newspapers and other new sources that have been re-written at a variety of Lexile levels. So far, I have found an article about bobsledder Aja Evans and one about security concerns for the Sochi games. You do have to sign up for the site, but then access is free.
  • TIME for Kids – This special feature includes such articles as Q&A’s with hockey player Julie Chu and snowboarder Jamie Anderson.
  • SI Kids Guide to the 2014 Winter Olympics – There are a few interviews up now, but the site promises to add more interviews, stories, photo galleries and videos over the course of the Olympics.
  • Origins of the Olympic Winter Games – Although this piece from Encyclopeida Britannica is at a higher reading level, I will share parts with students so they have some background information.
  • First Winter Olympics – This History Channel explanation would be a little easier for students to read themselves.

Of course, I am also using quite a few print resources from my collection as well. I might feature those in another post.


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