Time Enough at Last

Working among teachers, one quickly learns that there are two types of people: those who love snow days and those who hate them. I love them–unashamedly and with great passion. I still get as excited as my children about them, and I see each one as a gift– a gift of recharging and relaxation (and sleeping in).

This January, our school district has had six snow/cold days. I think this is as many in a school year as I have seen in my 18 years teaching. I know it is the most ever in a single month. And although I miss seeing my students and colleagues, I still have enjoyed each and every one. Social media has allowed me to keep up with friends during our days off, and many of them are completing home improvement projects or venturing out into the extreme cold. Not me. Yes, I have gotten caught up with laundry and decluttered a bit, but those tasks have been far from foremost in my mind.

Instead, I have spent most of our snow/cold days in PJs on the couch with my electric blanket and cat and books–lots of books. With my whole family home for snow days, I have also played games, eaten snacks, watched movies, and spent time online, but I have always made it back around to reading another book.


In fact, I have read 22 books this month–so far. I am almost 18% of the way to my goal of 125 books for the year. I have spent time in a castle, an artists’ summer retreat, a middle school, a sod house, a newly integrated school, and a sanatorium. I have learned about the making of the atomic bomb, community gardens, leeches, and Bigfoot. I have laughed out loud, gasped in surprise, and cried on the sly. Our snow days have given me “time enough at last” for all those things, and so to me, they are worth every extra minute I spend in school at the end of the year.


2 thoughts on “Time Enough at Last

    1. I remember having to get up in the morning and scour the TV stations to find out if school was closed. Now they have an automated call that goes out. So, yes, better the night before, but even in the morning I can answer the phone, turn off the alarm, and just go back to sleep 🙂

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