#Nerdlution 2 Progress Update

Welcome to my #Nerdlution 2 update post.
Start at the bottom if you’re interested in seeing my goals/progress since Day 1.

Day 43

  • I finished the Wild Reading post AND wrote my #IMWAYR post, too.
  • I started knitting a baby sweater for my hairdresser’s new little guy.
  • cleaned out and recycled some old travel toiletries.
  • Act of kindness: I surprised my husband and son with some candy.

Day 42

  • Continued writing post on wild reading and interventions
  • I picked out pattern and yarn for my next knitting project.
  • I found some too-small sweatshirts of my son’s to purge.
  • Act of kindness: My daughter did not want to join us in eating out, so I made her dinner before we left.

Day 41

  • Continued writing post on wild reading and interventions
  • I finished  the second baby booty
  • filled up half a garbage bag of clothes to purge
  • Act of kindness: I brought some of my son’s old superhero t-shirts to a friend at work for his 5-year-old boys.

Day 40

  • Wrote review post on Atlantis Rising
  • knitted some of the second baby booty.
  • purged some of my son’s old t-shirts
  • Act of kindness: I taught intervention classes for other teachers in my building so they could focus on their additional ISAT responsibilities.

Day 39

  • Continued writing post on wild reading and interventions
  • knitted some of the second baby booty.
  • purged a pair of shoes that were always a little too tight.
  • Act of kindness: I collected and placed the lunch delivery order for a bunch of fellow teachers.

Day 38

  • Continued writing post on wild reading and interventions
  • No knitting today.
  • Purged a bunch of junk mail that was piling up on the edge of the kitchen table.
  • Act of kindness: I passed along No Impact Man, a book which I read and enjoyed, to a co-worker and friend who teaches about recycling, waste destruction, etc.

Day 37

  • No writing today–hockey evening.
  • More knitting today.
  • No purging today–hockey evening.
  • Act of kindness: I committed to being a cheerleader for my best friend who is joining the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.

Day 36

  • I started writing a post about wild reading and interventions.
  • More knitting today.
  • I found a pair of shoes to purge.
  • Act of kindness: I surprised my son with an ice cream sandwich after school.

Day 35

  • wrote my #IMWAYR post.
  • I started knitting the other baby booty.
  • purged a few more of my son’s shirts.
  • Act of kindness: I was kind to myself by resting in the afternoon when I wasn’t feeling well. I had to put off a few chores, but I felt much better afterwards and was productive in the evening.

Day 34

  • I participated in The Archived virtual book club over at Maria’s Melange and The Brain Lair.
  • finished knitting one baby booty.
  • donated two full garbage bags of stuff (mostly clothes) to Goodwill.
  • Act of kindness: I reminded my son to charge his DSi before he had to accompany us to the Sprint store. Yes, this counts, as we could have been there for HOURS, except that we decided not to join the Framily scam….

Day 33

  • I wrote my March Random Read post
  • I started knitting a set of baby booties–might put these up in my Etsy store this time
  • Purged five of my son’s shirts that were getting too small.
  • Act of kindness: I organized and placed the lunch order for the teachers I eat with at school.

Day 32

  • I participated in a twitter chat (rant) about the ISATs–Illinois’ standardized testing
  • No creating today–thinking I need a kick in the pants on this goal
  • Purged  an ill-fitting sweatshirt and a couple more rarely worn sweaters
  • Act of kindness:  I gave a snack to one of my students who just returned to school from being sick and was feeling a little nauseous because of her medicine.

Day 31

  • wrote extensive answers to email interview questions from a college student studying technology’s impact on libraries.
  • No creating today
  • Purged a pair of jeans (loved but too old) and two sweaters (one shrunken, one never quite fit right)
  • Act of kindness: I left another supportive not for my best friend when I was taking class in her library.

Day 30

  • No writing today 😦
  • Still figuring out my next creative project
  • Cleaned  out the fridge
  • Act of kindness: I had to run errands on my plan time, so this time I brought my husband back a couple of doughnuts.

Day 29

  • I read a number of other people’s #IMWAYR posts and commented on some of them.
  • Still figuring out my next creative project
  • Cleaned out some old files at work
  • Act of kindness: Some sort of valve in the school’s HVAC system went awry at school and my husband’s room, which is normally too warm, was 100+ degrees this morning! When I ran an errand during my plan period, I went to Dairy Queen and got him a chocolate malt as a surprise.

Day 28

  • Wrote two posts! One on The Archived virtual book club and one for #IMWAYR
  • FINISHED Flat Stanley’s scrapbook – Woo-hoo!
  • Cleaned out bathroom vanity
  • Act of kindness: Left an encouraging post on my friend’s fb page

Day 27

  • FINISHED writing review post of The Story of Owen by E.K. Johnston – Woo-hoo!
  • Still working on Flat Stanley’s scrapbook
  • Cleaned some old items out of refrigerator
  • Act of kindness: I reminded my daughter about several things she needed to take with her to bass lessons/work (in a nice, helpful way)

Day 26

  • Kept writing review post of The Story of Owen by E.K. Johnston
  • Still working on Flat Stanley’s scrapbook
  • Paperwork purge
  • Act of kindness: I spent my plan period helping another teacher pick up water and snacks for a school event from Sam’s Club. She had planned to go alone.

Day 25

  • Kept writing review post of The Story of Owen by E.K. Johnston
  • Still working on Flat Stanley’s scrapbook
  • Paperwork purge
  • Act of kindness: My best friend no longer has cable TV so we invited her and her daughters over to watch the U.S. vs. Canada women’s hockey gold medal game.

Day 24

  • Kept writing review post of The Story of Owen by E.K. Johnston
  • Still working on Flat Stanley’s scrapbook
  • Paperwork purge
  • Act of kindness: I was in my best friend’s library to attend a class after school (and she wasn’t) so I left some friendly notes on her computer monitor to find tomorrow morning.

Day 23

  • Started writing review post of The Story of Owen by E.K. Johnston
  • Still working on Flat Stanley’s scrapbook
  • No purging today–busy evening.
  • Act of Kindness: Gave my three middle school librarian colleagues a “Today I’m Reading…” mug from Demco and showed them something cool to do with it. Thanks to Mr. Schu for his tweet that gave me the idea!

Day 22

  • Finished writing post about demonstrating library resources.
  • Started organizing Flat Stanley’s scrapbook. Wish me luck–I am not a scrapbooker.
  • Recycled a bunch of old paperwork.
  • Act of kindness: I kept my husband filled with hot tea while he kept clearing the driveway.

Day 21

  • Wrote my #IMWAYR post.
  • More Flat Stanley photos–at the airport!
  • Tossed some of my 11-year-old son’s holey socks
  • Act of kindness: Picked up my father-in-law at the airport

Day 20

  • Wrote a little more of that same research post (it’s not that long, really)
  • Another Flat Stanley photo shoot.
  • Busy day–no purging 😦
  • Act of kindness: I worked the hockey booster club booth; proceeds help buy water, snacks, and more for the players.

Day 19

  • Wrote a little more of that same research post.
  • Took a lot of pictures of Flat Stanley in various spots at school and the hockey game
  • purged a bunch of junk mail
  • Act of kindness: I brought my son a few Valentine’s treats from the teachers’ workroom–advantage of being at the same school as your parents 🙂

flatstanleyhatDay 18

  • I started writing a post about teaching research lessons.
  • I finished knitting Flat Stanley’s hat.
  • I forgot to find things to purge today 😦
  • Act of kindness: I started exercising again–kindness to myself counts…because it makes me happy….thanks, Christopher Lehman.

Day 17

Day 16

  • No writing today 😦 but I did go out and enjoy a hockey game 🙂
  • I did knit a bit more of Flat Stanley’s hat. It should be ready for Friday night’s game.
  • tossed some sketchy-looking leftovers and one expired hummus dip 😦 from the fridge.
  • Act of kindness: I called and made some appointments for my teenage daughter who is phone-shy (but not text-shy).

Day 15

  • wrote  a review for Library Media Connection
  • I kept knitting Flat Stanley’s hat.
  • recycled a bunch of old take-out coupons and menus.
  • Act of kindness: I rearranged my lunch schedule for the week so I could teach all of the 8th graders about our library databases for their research projects.

Day 14

  • wrote my #IMWAYR post for the week.
  • I started knitting a hat for Flat Stanley, who is visiting our family for a couple of weeks. The hat is in our hockey team’s colors so he can wear it to the games this week.
  • I am donating to Goodwill three knickknacks I received as gifts but just aren’t my style.
  • Act of kindness: When I drove my friend’s car back to get her and her girls from their weekend bus trip, I put gas in it on the way so there was one less thing she would have to worry about to start the week.

Day 13

  • wrote a post about LEGOs, LEGO books, and The LEGO Movie.
  • I finished knitting the pair of baby booties. Now I need to choose a new project.
  • purged one shirt, one pair of jeans, and an old pair of slippers.
  • Act of kindness: A friend went on a bus trip and was supposed to leave her car in a Farm & Fleet parking lot. I went and picked up the car and will pick her and her kids up tomorrow so her car isn’t in a strange place all night.

Day 12

  • I did find some time to write during my plan period and got a head start on my IMWAYR post 🙂
  • I did not knit because I did not feel well in the evening so I split time between reading and catching bits of the opening ceremony for the Olympics.
  • purged a bunch of old post-its and other things I didn;t need up at my circ desk.
  • Act of kindness: My students and I celebrated Friday with popcorn and some Olympics footage. It made them very happy.

Day 11

  • Second day of being stuck for a writing idea. Maybe I will try writing during my plan period tomorrow for a change of pace/place.
  • I did, however, make progress on the baby bootie/booty
  • purged a bunch of receipts out of my wallet/purse.
  • Act of kindness: I gave my students candy for correctly predicting that we would have a snow day yesterday.

Day 10 – 20% done!

  • I had time to write today, but was stuck for an idea. No worries–last night’s post took way more than 15 minutes, and there’s always tomorrow.
  • I’m still  knitting the second baby bootie (booty?).
  • purged three items of clothing.
  • Act of kindness: I went to visit me best friends and her daughters this evening and I brought them a surprise dessert I baked today.

Day 9

  • wrote a post about Flat Stanley!
  • I started knitting the second baby bootie (booty?).
  • purged eight items of clothing.
  • Act of kindness: I bought my dad a retirement gift, even though he is not expecting one. Valentine’s Day is his last day of work 🙂

Day 8

  • I wrote my IMWAYR Post, although it was much less detailed than usual. Forgiving myself since the weekend was crazy and I usually start it then.
  • I finished knitting one of the baby booties. Time for #2.
  • purged some more paperwork, both at home and at work.
  • Act of kindness: Instead of making dinner (which I was prepared to do), I went to Noodles & Co. to support my best friend’s daughter’s hockey team fundraiser.

Day 7

  • I wrote a post about the 2015 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award list.
  • Still knitting the baby booties.
  • threw out a bunch of socks from multiple family that have been waiting for matches for who knows how long. Enough is enough 🙂
  • Act of kindness: I shared my leftover Chinese takeout with my son even though I really, really wanted to eat all by myself.

Day 6

  • I wrote a Random Reads post
  • started knitting baby booties to go with the hat.
  • I threw out all the pens in the kitchen and office that no longer write. Apparently there are at least two people in my house who can’t/won’t do this.
  • Act of kindness: The baby booties will also be sent to a hospital charity.

babyhatDay 5

  • I wrote a Saturday Book Share Post
  • I finished knitting the baby hat today. In the picture it looks a bit like a top hat, but once it’s on a baby’s head it will be more round.
  • purged my nightstand of some old receipts and unneeded papers.
  • Today’s random act of kindness was for one of my students. The wrist brace she was wearing was getting in the way of her taping the cover page she designed to her journal. So I told her just to leave it with me, and I taped it up at lunch time.

Day 4

  • I finished writing .
  • knitted more of the baby hat today.
  • purged two sweatshirts and a pair of jeans–into the Goodwill bag. It’s just about full, so I need to make a drop-off soon.
  • I order lunch in on Fridays for a bunch of us at school. Today, someone who regularly orders did not contact me by 3 pm, so I sent him an e-mailing asking if he wanted to order and “extending the deadline” to 6 pm for him. Not a big deal, but he appreciated the random act of kindness.

Day 3

  • I started writing a post about Winter Olympics resources.
  • knitted some of the baby hat today, and I am 2/3 of the way finished with it.
  • cleaned out my tea cabinet today. I found a couple boxes of tea I didn’t care for, and I am taking the unopened box to an upcoming meeting, along with some instant cappuccino packets I received as part of a gift basket. I hope that someone else will enjoy them. 
  • My random act of kindness is attending a concert in honor of the victims, first responders, and supporters of the victims of November’s Illinois tornadoes. Although the tickets to see the band Chicago are free, there are sure to be raffles, merchandise, and other ways to donate to the cause, which I will make sure to do tonight.

Day 2

  • wrote a blog post today about reading during our many, many snow days this month.
  • I started creating a knitted baby hat which I plan to send to a hospital charity.
  • I cleaned out a catch-all space inside our coffee table and found a paperwork pile to recycle, a paperwork pile to shred, and a baby-themed votive candle to donate.
  • My knitted baby hat also counts as today’s random act of kindness.

Day 1

  • wrote my review for Library Media Connection, responded to blog comments, and completed this update.
  • I finished creating my daughter’s Fionna (Adventure Time) hat today. I had it all knitted, so I just finished sewing the ears on.
  • While putting away laundry, I purged twelve pairs of socks that I had no business keeping. Some of them I remember having in college!
  • My random act of kindness was putting together a surprise hot chocolate and cookies snack for my kids on this first snow day of the week.

img-thingI’ve decided to use this one post to keep track of my #Nerdlution 2 progress on a daily basis. It will be interest to see if this helps with accountability and influences my choices of how to best meet my goals along the way.

Each day I will track these four goals:
1. I will write for at least 15 minutes per day.
2. I will “create” for at least 15 minutes per day.
3. I will purge at least 3 items per day.
4. I will complete one “random act of kindness” per day.

Looking forward to 50 more days of fun and productivity!


5 thoughts on “#Nerdlution 2 Progress Update

    1. Hi, Michelle. The older I get the more I appreciate lists to keep me on track. Making a daily habit of tracking progress is kind of like “crossing off” for me. But I have to admit that the “all in one post” part is something I stole from Patrick Andrus 🙂

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