It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/27/14

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme started by Book Journey. The folks over at Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers have given it a children’s/YA spin. I thought it would be a fun way to recap last week’s reading and give a sneak peek of my TBR pile.

Last Week’s Books:


It took me a couple of weeks to get through Bomb by Steve Sheinkin because there is a lot to digest in there, and I really wanted to take my time thinking about it. The time spent conducting research for such a thorough work must have been fascinating and probably grueling at times. What I liked best was how Sheinkin conveyed the personalities of the people involved in the bomb’s making and use and of those who sought to buy, sell, and trade its secrets. And so it was really a story of the people of the bomb rather than of the bomb itself. Bonus: This book was on my Shelfari “plan to read list” and so counts for my CORL 2014 Challenge. That’s two books this month!

tuesdayscastleTuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George was as delightful, funny, and inventive as I expected it to be. I love how richly drawn are George’s characters. I felt like I knew Celie, Rolf, and Lilah–and The Castle, of Course, which is an amazing character unto itself. The bad guys are so devilishly bad that it is fun to root against them, even though you know things will turn out alright in the end. Perfect middle grade fantasy. I am definitely putting Wednesdays in the Tower high in my TBR pile!

breathingroomBreathing Room by Marsha Hayles is a fascinating look at the treatment of tuberculosis during the 1940s. Told from the perspective of thirteen-year-old Evvy, the book takes place at Loon Lake Sanatorium, a hospital exclusively dedicated to taking care of those with TB. Although Loon Lake is an invention of the author, her extensive notes chronicle the depth of research she did while writing the book as well as some amazing connections she made as well (no spoilers). Evvy is a very convincing teenage patient–she is frustrated that her main treatment is resting and tries to find ways to enjoy life despite the restrictions her illness (and nurses) place on her. The book is truthful about the fact that many patients never recovered from TB and died in sanatoriums–a fact which Evvy painfully experiences firsthand.

solvingmysterieswithscienceGhosts and Haunted Houses by Jane Bingham is one of four books in the Solving Mysteries with Science series that I am reviewing for Library Media Connection. The other titles read were  Vampires and Werewolves, also by Bingham; Aliens and UFOs by Lori Hile; and Bigfoot and the Yeti by Mary Colson. As usual, I am not allowed to post much of a review here, but I will say that I did not see much “science” in these books, although they would still be interesting to students seeking out those topics.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/27/14

  1. Yay! Congratulations on knocking out your reading challenges this week! While I don’t find the cover design of Bomb appealing, your thoughts about the book make me want to grab a copy and read! I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, so thanks for sharing it! That Breathing Room was about TB reminded me of the nursing facility I used to work at. The place was rumored to be a TB center for kids that burned down decades ago. I’ve had patients who claimed they’ve seen a child or two in their room. Quite scary, don’t you think? Anyway, happy reading this week, Michelle! =)

  2. Love Charlie Joe, and just requested Breathing Room from the library. I have a student doing a National History Day project on tuberculosis, so it would be a good companion to Invincible Microbes!

  3. I really loved Bomb because of the way I learned so much about the people. I have not heard before of Tuesdays at the Castle or Breathing Room, but both sound fabulous. I will have to find them! Have a great reading week!

    1. I need to get my husband to read Bomb. He knows a lot about the topic, but I think he would enjoy the perspective. Maybe I will leave it on the coffee table for a bit 😉

  4. I’ll be interested in seeing what your opinion of Kindred Souls is! Sad topic, will be interested to see how MacLachlan tells the story! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I just finished it this morning and while I can say that I knew what was coming, it still somehow snuck up on me at the end…which is very fitting and true to what can really happen in life….

  5. I adored Bomb and thought Sheinkin made this type of non-fiction so ridiculously exciting, even when you know the ultimate ending. Tuesdays in the Castle has been in my TBR for a while, but I think I might need to bump it up a bit. It sounds like the book my 10 year old self would have loved.

  6. I agree with Lorna–Bomb is one of my favorites! I raced through it because it was so suspenseful. I’d like to reread slowly, so that I can learn and absorb more. Of course, there are always so many new books I want to read–I don’t always get around to the rereading. Tuesdays in the Castle looks wonderful–will add that to my ever-growing list!

    1. Yes, definitely. I also think it would be interesting to re-read Laurie Halse Anderson’s Fever 1793 and Julie Chibbaro’s Deadly and compare/contrast society’s and medicine’s response to these three different outbreaks during three different time periods.

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