Things I Learned from #Nerdlution

nerdlution colorThe first round of #nerdlution has ended, and, like many others, I am taking time out to reflect on my participation. I chose four goals: writing 15 minutes a day, reading 30 minutes a day, “creating” 15 minutes a day, and cleaning 30 minutes a day.

Things I Learned from #Nerdlution

1. Publicizing my goals helped. I have read or heard that advice before in numerous settings, of course, but I have never really tried it out for myself. I felt more accountable and pressured (in a good way) to stick to my goals. I should have known this, as working off of a checklist has always helped me, too.

2. I didn’t need my cleaning goal. I started paying attention to time spent cleaning up, and I put that much time in on a daily basis. I thought the time factor would mean a tidier house, but I haven’t noticed that much of a difference. I think I may need a more specific goal like decluttering certain rooms or items to see results next time.

3. The “creating” goal was just what I needed. I started out cross-stitch Christmas ornaments as I do every year, and I finished them with more time to spare than usual. Then I switched to knitting, and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I picked it up again. I will definitely repeat this goal in round two.

4. Other people made some really great goals. Lots of people chose fitness goals, something I was reluctant to do in the winter, but would certainly be good for me. The variety of types of reading goals was fun to see. I loved Patrick Andrus’ random acts of kindness. And watching everyone track their progress was as rewarding as making my own progress.

5. I am eager to participate in Round 2.  In fact, I couldn’t imagine not participating. Allons-y! 🙂


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