It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/20/14

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme started by Book Journey. The folks over at Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers have given it a children’s/YA spin. I thought it would be a fun way to recap last week’s reading and give a sneak peek of my TBR pile.

Last Week’s Books:

slobI thoroughly enjoyed reading Ellen Potter’s Slob this past week. My favorite thing about it was the surprises all the way throughout. The cover made me think that this realistic fiction novel would focus mostly on Owen’s weight. But it didn’t. Owen’s quest to create a machine to give him a glimpse of the past was intriguing and kept me guessing. Lots of the supporting characters surrounding Owen were well-developed and played unpredictable, yet believable roles in his story. At one point while reading, I gasped out loud in realization, tweeted about it (without a spoiler), and got responses from both Ellen and her agent–another surprise! It is so great to live in an age when it is possible to interact with an author on such an immediate basis.

120711_kizzyannstamps_225x150Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts was an excellent historical fiction novel for middle graders set during the early 1960s. Kizzy Ann is an African American girl facing school integration during this volatile time. The book starts out as a series of letters to her new teacher, Miss Anderson, and continues on as a journal she keeps throughout the year. Kizzy’s observations about the racial tensions in her town and how they affect her life, specifically, are heartfelt and honest. Her beloved border collie, Shag, does much to help Kizzy through this difficult period and, at times, is able to bring Kizzy and some of her neighbors closer together. The voice in this novel is so distinct that it draws readers in and won’t let them go.

ecoworksI also read the entire EcoWorks series by Gareth Stevens this week, in order to review it for Library Media Connection. Aimed at grades 3-5, this series will also work for my sixth graders when they study energy. LMC does not want me to reveal too much before my review is published, but I will say that I am glad I get to keep my review copies to add to my library.

Currently Reading:

tuesdayscastlebombLiterary nonfiction takes me a bit longer to read than other sorts of books, so I am still in the middle of the 250+ page Bomb by Steve Sheinkin. I am also pleased to be starting the middle grade fantasy novel Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. I absolutely loved Dragon Slippers, so this should be a real treat 🙂

On Deck:



12 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/20/14

    1. Slob might be good to save until later in the semester, if you wind up using it. Students will have expectations based on other things they have read and will enjoy the surprises, I bet.

  1. I wanted to read Tuesdays at the Castle the first time I saw it in Barnes & Noble. I don’t have a copy, though, but I’m hoping that our library here has one! Have fun reading this week! =)

  2. My high schooler read Bomb and then went on to Rhodes’ Building of the Atomic Bomb, which I considered a major success. I love when a nonfiction book sets off a frenzy of interest :-). My family read Slob for one of our family book clubs and enjoyed it a lot.

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