Late to Goodreads

goodreadsI started using Goodreads just this month, which makes me very late to the game. I have been a Shelfari user since 2010, so I am not a stranger to social media sites for readers. The thing is, I haven’t really used Shelfari for the social part of it. I thought I would. I was excited about the implications for using it with teachers and students at my school. But then the district blocked the site from student use because of one parent’s complaint that a student would be able to search for adult books with adult content. Yes, I advocated for unblocking it. Yes, I failed. Because only staff can access Shelfari from school, I am friends with some colleagues, but I have mostly used it for my own record-keeping purposes.

I guess I decided to use Goodreads because when I read blogs, follow people on Twitter, etc. I see it much more often than I see Shelfari. I say “use” instead of “switch over to” because I am still maintaining both at this point. It really isn’t that much more work. Plus I don’t want to transfer my “Plan to read” list over–I will just keep it on Shelfari and try to diminish it and only add new TBR books to Goodreads.

I do like that Goodreads allows me to “follow” people without “friending” them.  Or I should say I like the idea of it–I haven’t yet followed anyone. I like that Facebook will let me add books my friends are reading to my TBR list with just one click. However, I like Shelfari’s “tags” better than Goodread’s “shelves” so far.

So does anyone have any advice for a Goodreads newbie? Any favorites to follow, tips to try, or stats to see? I’d love to hear them. Except don’t mention Library Thing–two sites are enough for me 🙂


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