Sharing the Sunshine Blogger Challenge

Debbie Alvarez, the Styling Librarian, nominated me for the “Sharing the Sunshine Blogger Challenge.” How fun! Thanks for thinking of me, Debbie.

How do you play? Just read the paragraph below I lifted right from Debbie’s post 🙂

Here’s the scoop on “Sharing the Sunshine”:  Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
 Share 11 random facts about yourself.
 Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
 List 11 bloggers.  They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
 Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)

11 random facts about me:

1. I have been 5′ 2″ since I was 10 years old. That meant I was a forward on my junior high basketball team, but when everyone grew I couldn’t handle the ball well enough to make it onto the high school team as a guard.

2. Before I was a school librarian, I was in youth services at a public library for almost three years–story hour lady and everything. I switched after my daughter was born because I already had my teaching certificate, and I wanted to be able to spend evenings, weekends, and summers with her.

3. Whenever any food includes melted cheese, mushrooms, and onions, count me in–burgers, pasta, cheese-steak, you name it.

4. Two friends and I once won a $10,000 radio station contest. I used some of my winnings to buy my first stereo system.

5. Since I got my MS in Library and Information Science in 1993, I only took one online research class. I learned how to use Dialog and its clunky command language. Everything “techie” I have learned is from workshops or is self-taught.

6. I have watched some terribly grisly horror movies in my time (e.g. Japanese films with eye torture), but I have to turn my head away when my children or I get a shot at the doctor’s office.

7. My favorite band is Rush. They are amazing musicians. Also, I reject any list of “best rock-and-roll singers of all time” if Queen’s Freddie Mercury is not #1. He had a truly phenomenal gift.

8. I mostly follow recipes when I cook, but I have gotten pretty good at making cheesecake over time, combining ingredients, methods, and tips.

9. Lots of people think I am originally from Phoenix because almost my entire family lives there. Not true. I stayed in Illinois; they all moved.

10. Both of my children are left-handed (my husband and I are not) and incredibly creative in a variety of ways. This is most often a joy, but makes for a messy house most of the time.

11. I drink tea all day and night–iced in the summer, hot in the winter, and both in those in-between seasons. I LOVE getting fancy flavors–particularly as gifts 😉

11 questions to answer from Debbie:

1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I would go to London. I have been there twice in my life, but I feel I have only scratched the surface of things to see and do in the city.

2. What have you recently procrastinated doing that you’re going to deal with, within the next week?

Filing and purging paperwork at home. My previous system has devolved into making a huge pile of receipts, records, etc. inside my side of the storage coffee table. I plan to clear out an old filing cabinet in the basement and start fresh.

3. Last time you laughed aloud was….

…while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s send-up of Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster with my son.

4. What was a movie that has stuck with you for longer than a week?

Well, there are lots of them, of course, but often when the subject of time travel comes up, I can’t help but think of Primer (2004). Check out the trailer below. But caution, this movie could make your brain hurt.

5. What genre do you need to read more of?

Historical fiction. I must admit I mostly read it only when I have to for lists, committees, etc. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed many historical fiction books; I just never seem to add them to my TBR pile unless I have to.

6. What makes a book 5 out of 5 stars?

Wow, as someone who reviews books you would think it wouldn’t be so hard for me to answer this one. For fiction, I have to truly believe in and connect with the protagonist. Not only do protagonists have to behave consistently, but there also needs to be something about them that intrigues me and makes me want to figure out what makes them tick. Bonus points go to books with richly-built worlds. I want to feel like I could step right into the setting and know how to function there. I think that’s why I love science fiction and fantasy so much.

7. What do you wish you could be braver about?

I wish that I could say “no” more often, particularly professionally, without feeling guilty. Librarians are multi-taskers and challenge-acceptors by nature; however, we can’t do everything all the time. I have recently had to really live with this situation, but I often catch myself fretting about things I can’t possibly get done or become involved in.

8. If someone were to describe your personal style, what would they say?

I guess they might say that I am casual, but with a bit of an edge. I am petite, and so I am most often wearing skinny jeans or leggings with some sort of tunic or sweater. I like geometric patterns, but usually on a smaller-scale so they don’t overwhelm me. I like stacking bracelets and almost always wear silver jewelry instead of gold. When it’s hot out you can usually find me in jean shorts and a t-shirt that shows off “nerdy interests” like Doctor Who and Firefly or my love of the Blackhawks.  I have way too many boots for a sensible person, but I love them all–riding boots, over-the-knee boots, combat boots, heeled boots….

9. What is your favorite recreational activity, (besides reading)?

I love watching hockey. My son and husband both play on teams at our local rink. We have a “minor league” professional team in our city. And my favorite NHL team is the Blackhawks. This time of year is quite exciting for my family.

10. How do you “give back” to your community?

Every November I encourage students to donate canned goods to “pay off” their library fines. This year I organized a book drive for the Illinois tornado victims. My family is active in the booster club for our local hockey team, which provides meals, apartment necessities, and other support to our players.

11. Fill in the blank: If I only had one book I could bring and share with a new group of students, __________________ would be it.

The_Giver_CoverOne book? That’s cruel! Well, then, I pick The Giver. There is so much to think about, talk about, and agonize over, and I consider it an excellent “gateway book” to speculative fiction. I can hardly wait for the movie!

11 questions for my nominated bloggers:

1. What made you choose your current vocation/position/profession?

2. What was your favorite book as a child?

3. What book have you read in the last year that did not live up to all the hype?

4. What is your guilty pleasure song (the one that you are embarrassed to love)?

5. Where is your favorite place in your house/apartment to read?

6. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

7. What’s a great website you have shared with others recently?

8. What movie can you not turn off/stop watching if you stumble upon it accidentally?

9. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life what would it be?

10. Share your six-word memoir (What’s that? Find out here)

12. If you could make dinner for any living author, who would it be and what would you serve?

11 bloggers I am nominating:

1. Myra at Gathering Books
2. Megan at YA? Why Not?
3. Jennifer at Book Den
4. Earl at The Chronicles of a Children’s Book Writer
5. Tara at The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say “Shhh!”
6. Sarah at I’m Loving Books
7. Crystal at Reading Through Life
8. Lorna at Not For Lunch
9. Andrea at Mrs. Payan Reads
10. Hannahlily at Hannarchy
11. On A Thought


9 thoughts on “Sharing the Sunshine Blogger Challenge

  1. Enjoyed your post! Can’t wait to see how The Giver adaptation turns out. Still haven’t seen The Book Thief, someday soon hopefully…
    Like your 5 stars answer, I’ve been trying to sort that out myself! 🙂 Maybe- quality, memorable enough to stick with me for days/months, and originality.
    Hah, go left-handers!

    1. I need to see The Book Thief, too. Although I can’t see how the movie could ever possibly live up to the book. When I first read it, I was astounded by the narration. I rank it in the top 10 books I have read in the last 5 years, no question.

  2. Hey! Thank you for the shout out! I’ve got posts scheduled through the end of February so I can’t post a timely response to the challenge, but I can answer a few of your questions!

    2. My favorite book as a child was everything in the Babysitters Club series
    8. If I stumble upon You’ve Got Mail, I can’t stop watching it!
    9. If I could only eat one dessert, it would be brownies!
    10. My six word memoir: Twenty nine and still in school.

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