Friday is for Celebrating #Nerdlution!

nerdlution colorWe are 33 days into #nerdlution, and I am realizing what an impact it has had on my life. So I am taking time to look at my goals and see what embracing this movement has helped me accomplish so far.

Goal #1: Read at least 30 minutes per day.
In all honesty, I did this most days before #nerdution. However, I have now done this all days. Even during the holidays, when some goals slipped, this one was accomplished. In fact, before winter break, I told my students I expected to read 8 books over break, and I am currently reading #11 🙂 Thanks, #nerdlution.

Goal #2: Write at least 15 minutes per day.
Since I started #nerdlution, I have been posting to this blog about every other day (a nice increase). It also helped me to write a book review yesterday–one that I was dreading a bit (for LMC, not for the blog). I sat down thinking, “15 minutes and not a minute more,” and I wound up getting it done. Thanks, #nerdlution.

Goal #3: Clean house at least 30 minutes per day.
This is definitely the least enjoyable of my goals, and so maybe the most important to have as a goal. Even with the four of us home almost all day every day this break, the place is still looking pretty good. I am leading by example, and everyone seems to be doing their part to keep things tidy, at least on the main level. Thanks, #nerdlution.

Goal #4: Create at least 15 minutes per day.
ornaments 1ornaments2This has been the goal that has resulted in the most change in my daily life. Before #nerdlution, I knitted or cross-stitched during the summer or when making gifts. Making it a daily habit meant that I made my Christmas ornaments in record time. In addition, I have picked up my knitting again and even opened an Etsy shop to sell some items I made for my daughter’s CornFest booth this summer. But most importantly, I have enjoyed making creating things a priority again. Thanks, #nerdlution.

Finally, following the #nerdlution hashtag and others’ blog posts has given me much inspiration in this dreary time of year. I am so glad that #Nerdlution 2: Electric Boogaloo (I will call it that even if no one else does) is already in the works. I can’t even imagine not joining up for another round. Again, thanks, #nerdlution.


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