First Book of the Year 2014: Lexicon by Max Barry


I have chosen Max Barry’s Lexicon as my First Book of the Year 2014. What better way to ring in a new year of reading than with a book about the power (and danger) of words!

I wanted to read Lexicon as soon as I heard about it, so I added it to my Shelfari (which means it also counts for CORL 2014). However, my MG/YA reading took priority, and in retrospect, I am very glad I didn’t purchase it immediately because it turned out to be the featured title in Book Riot’s first-ever Quarterly Box–a present I gave myself this year 🙂 Not only did the box contain a plethora of marvelous bookish things, but one of them was a copy of Lexicon, which includes notes from the other on little post-its throughout.

I have only read a small bit of the book this morning because we are having some great friends over for a hybrid Christmas/New Year’s celebration which includes my husband’s homemade chili and the Winter Classic hockey game (Go, Leafs, Go!). I am sure I will get back to reading tonight, though, and even if I don’t I will only be following Max Barry’s instruction to “READ SLOWLY, or I’ll feel like I spent all day cooking and you ate it in five minutes.”

Here’s to another fantastic year of great books! I hope you will enjoy your 2014 reading life as much as I know I will enjoy mine!


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