Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014


I am pleased to be joining Gathering Books’ Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014. I like the flexibility of the challenge, which lets participants put their own unique spin on it.

I will work on whittling down the 117 books sitting on my “Books I Plan to Read” shelf on Shelfari. From 2010 to May-ish 2013, I added books there quite often. I haven’t added any new ones in a while (I have just read them instead 🙂 ), but I am still using Shelfari to keep track of what I have read and to tag those books. Plus, it has told me that I read 127 books in 2013, up from 84 in 2012. I credit much of that to starting this blog.

Yes, I am still using Shelfari, when many people have made the switch to Goodreads. I don’t really use Shelfari for the social media aspect; I just like it for record-keeping. Someone tell me if I am really missing out on a bunch, please….

OK, so back to the CORL Challenge: I would like to commit to the Book Savant level for now. That means reading 11-25 of those 117 titles. My plan to is to schedule one per month for now and see where that takes me.

And guess what: my First Book of the Year 2014 just happens to be on my “plan to read” list, so I can kill two birds with one stone tomorrow 🙂


4 thoughts on “Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014

    1. Wow! I am impressed 🙂 I think I would have to switch rather than keep up two lists, let alone three. But I bet you get a tremendous amount of recommendations that way. Happy New Year of Reading!

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