Friday is for Celebrating Successes! 12/20/13

601px-Fireworks_at_the_celebration_of_the_United_States_4th_of_JulyFriday is not only for wrapping up the week and looking forward to the weekend, it is also for celebrating successes!

This Week’s Success #1: First Semester – DONE!

What’s not to like about making it through the first half of the school year? This year has brought with it tremendous changes to my job, and although I still believe know that the best thing for my students and my school would be for me to be in the library full time, I am becoming more comfortable teaching my reading intervention groups. Which will be better for the students in my groups next semester.

This Week’s Success #2: Field Trip

Thursday I chaperoned a field trip to ISU’s Bowling and Billiards Center. About 85 students were invited on the trip because they were recipients of a Positive Office Referral this semester. What a great way for our PBIS team to recognize student leaders in our school! So this was really a celebration of the students’ success, not mine. But I was pleased to be there.

This Week’s Success #3: F&P Tests – DONE!

I am required to give Fountas & Pinnell tests to all of my students at the end of each intervention round. I was able to finish all testing this week and should be able to complete the paperwork tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it at all when we get back to school after break.

This Week’s Success #4: #Nerdlution

#Nerdlution is keeping me on track during a time of year when it would be easy to make excuses not to stick to a regular routine of reading, writing and creating (and can’t forget cleaning). There has only been one day where I did not complete all four goals. I am working hard to keep it that way.


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