My 2014 Want To Do List

listThe end of the year always seems to be about making lists. Lists of things we’ve accomplished. “Best” lists of everything from books to movies to “gifts for someone who has everything” to baby names to….

And then there’s lists for next year. Things to watch out for, novels to be published, habits to break, habits to make, and more. I have thought about making a To Do List for 2014. But I tend to take lists VERY seriously. I LOVE crossing things out. I LOVE adding new things. I HATE things that linger on the list like the smell of days-old fish. So if I were to make a list for next year, I would only want to put things on it I was almost sure I would accomplish. Which means I would leave off the “maybes” and “what ifs.”

So I thought of a solution: a “Want To Do List.” That list dreams, but does not make any promises. That list inspires, but does not create any deadlines. That list is for intentions. It’s like a TBR pile–it’s OK to move something down, up, or out if there is a good reason or sometimes just if the mood strikes.

Here goes…

Want To Do List for 2014 (work edition)

  • Create some events/activities for students in the library before school. Maybe mini booktalks, random sing-alongs, book trailers, game morning. Just something to change-up the regular hang-out and check-out routine once in a while.
  • Start a book club for/with students. Maybe in person. Maybe on Twitter. Maybe through Google Drive.
  • Create a Twitter account for student interactions…or maybe a hashtag, like Sarah Mulhern Gross said yesterday….
  • Read even more blogs. A while ago Colby Sharp (at least I am pretty sure it was him) tweeted about visiting all the blogs of people who comment on Nerdy Book Club posts. Ambitious. I like it.
  • Amp up the advocacy! The libraries in my school district are endangered. I am already fighting the good fight, along with many like-minded media specialists and teachers. We must remain vigilant, especially as a new superintendent is being hired for next year. (OK, so this one really goes on the Must Do List, but that also means it goes on EVERY list)
  • Learn more about makerspaces…or just dive in and ask the students what they want to create. A simple way to start would be Legos, as we have soooo many at home. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to convince my husband and son to loan some out 😉
  • Collaborate with our digital media teacher. He does some amazing things. Even though my time is limited by my intervention responsibilities, I would love to work with even one class of his.

What’s great about this Want To Do List? I can stop right there. I can add more later without thinking there’s too much on my plate.

I can even turn a couple of these into future #nerdlutions. 🙂


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