Friday is for Celebrating Successes! 12/6/13

Yes, work life is filled with things that don’t go as planned, things that are out of our control, and things we wish we could change but can’t (yet anyway). But not on Friday! Friday is not only for wrapping up the week and looking forward to the weekend, it is also for celebrating successes!

nerdlution colorThis Week’s Success #1: Joined #Nerdlution

Sometimes I need a little encouragement (OK, push) to get moving…or writing…or cleaning…or even reading. #Nerdlution was born on Thanksgiving, and I joined up on Monday (Day 1). I’m so glad I did, as I was averaging about two posts per week, and my writing-15-minutes-a-day #nerdlution resulted in five posts this week–so far 🙂 I have met each of my four goals every day this week, and I am looking forward to seeing them through to Day 50!

This Week’s Success #2: Wild Reader Field Trip

One of my reading intervention groups requested a walking field trip to our local public library. Even though the temperatures took a big dip overnight (of course), we journeyed there yesterday. The girls and I got a great tour from the teen librarian, and they added books to their Someday Book Lists. My students also took flyers for upcoming programs they are interested in attending. Today while I was gone, they made beautiful thank-you cards for the teen librarian and are looking forward to her Books and Bites visit next Wednesday. They are on their way to becoming really wild readers!

This Week’s Success #3: Confirmed Author Visit for Next School Year

Exciting news for all the middle schools in my district! Neal Shusterman will be visiting us next November. He is a favorite among our students, and I am excited to start planning NOW how to best prepare readers for his visit.

This Week’s Success #4: Personal Day

I was at school today, but only at the very beginning and end of the day. Today my husband and I took personal days to go Christmas shopping together. This has been our tradition for the last six or seven years, and it was a wonderful day today, as always. We drove to Peoria because the malls are (slightly) different and enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Haddad’s–best restaurant in Peoria, bar none. And then there’s that whole awesome reconnecting-with-your-spouse thing 🙂

Hmmm…more successes this week thank any other…must be a #nerdlution….


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