Friday is for Celebrating Successes! 11/1/13

Yes, work life is filled with things that don’t go as planned, things that are out of our control, and things we wish we could change but can’t (yet anyway). But not on Friday! Friday is not only for wrapping up the week and looking forward to the weekend, it is also for celebrating successes!

This Week’s Success #1: Three Days of Booktalks!

What’s better than talking about books and then seeing kids race through the library to check out the ones you just talked about? Nothing, nothing at all 🙂 Oh, wait, doing it on Halloween and talking horror books–yeah, that makes it just a wee bit even better! Over the past three days, I have seen 12 classes for booktalks. It has been invigorating, and I honestly think I got even more out of it than the students did. In fact, I would go so far as to say I really needed it.

This Week’s Success #2: Spirit Week

Give me any excuse to dress up, and I will take it. We had Spirit Week to raise money for United Way. I missed Mustache Monday because I was in meetings all day, but  on Twins Tuesday I enjoyed dressing up with my husband (Blackhawks jerseys–Duncan Keith to be exact). Wacky Wednesday allowed me to have crazy hair, socks, shoes, and mismatched clothes. On Throwback Thursday I got out the hippy garb. And today was Fan Day so I got to wear another Blackhawks jersey. Now only if I can think of a reason to dress like a pirate on Monday…just because I like pirates…hmmm..I mean, aaarrrggghhh….

This Week’s Success #3: Mangariffic Halloween Party

The anime/manga club’s regularly scheduled meeting fell on Halloween, and they were delighted! The array of costumes was impressive, and they enjoyed creating characters out of candy, drinking hot chocolate, listening to music and just hanging out. I love that these students are starting to form such a tightly knit group.

And on to the weekend! 🙂


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