Friday is for Celebrating Successes! 10/11/13

Yes, work life is filled with things that don’t go as planned, things that are out of our control, and things we wish we could change but can’t (yet anyway). But not on Friday! Starting NOW Friday is not only for wrapping up the week and looking forward to the weekend, it is also for celebrating successes!

This Week’s Success #1: Getting My Library “Back”

While I love having the Scholastic Book Fair, I have a small library and the Book Fair gobbles up almost every available surface and area. So walking in the door Monday morning to my reclaimed space was refreshing. And the place looked HUGE! So I proceeded to clutter it up with Halloween decorations from the dollar store….

This Week’s Success #2: Collages a la Romare Beardenromie

One of my reading groups finished Me and Uncle Romie by Claire Hartfield this week. It is a fictional picture book in which a young boy visits his uncle (the real Harlem Renaissance-era artist Romare Bearden) in New York City. The students loved perusing the Romare Bearden Foundation website to look at his works before we read the book, so I decided that as a bookend activity we would make collages of our own. They did an excellent job and, more importantly, loved expressing themselves in imitation of Bearden’s style.

This Week’s Success #3: Books and Bites Program

I am overjoyed that I was able to make this VITAL program work with my new teaching schedule! For at least the last ten years, once a month, the Teen Librarians from two local public libraries have joined me in book talking to students during their lunch periods. We also promote their programming and build relationships with students. It is one of the most important things I do to encourage students to become life-long readers and lovers of literature. On Wednesday, we shared “Books to Make You Shiver” with over 100 students!

IMG_0280aThis Week’s Success #4: I cataloged 30 books

After at least a week of constantly writing “cataloging” in my planner, I finally got 12 new books out on the shelves (the other 18 still need mylar covers). I was so happy and proud that I took a picture with the iPad and emailed it off to the students along with a picture of my horror book “display,” which consists of a foam tombstone, a scraggly stuffed black cat, and lots of great scary reads. And students emailed me back to request titles!

I hope you enjoyed joining me in celebrating my successes–now how about yours?


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