Why “I Push Books”

I don’t always wax philosophical on my birthday, but recent proposed changes to my job as a middle school librarian have led me to think about not only what aspects are most valuable to me and my school community but also why I do what I do.  As do most librarians, I wear more hats than The Doctor has regenerations (Spoiler alert: I’m a nerd girl). Yes, I love the challenge of figuring out new technologies and their applications. Yes, I see information literacy as crucial to student (and citizen) success.  Yes, I get a thrill out of collaborating with teachers. But the real reason I get out of bed and go to work every morning is so that I can push books to everyone around me.

Sometimes pushing books is the nudge you give a toddler who is afraid to say hello to a new person. It’s encouraging the 8th grade girl who has read the entire Twilight series four times to try out Lauren Kate’s Fallen. “It has angels and demons and, yes, I promise, definitely romance–even a love triangle!”

Sometimes pushing books is the bribe of ice cream for dessert you offer a seven-year old who thinks he will explode if a sliver of broccoli touches the tip of his tongue. “If you read 100 pages for ‘Read for the Gold’ you can pick out a coupon for a cheeseburger, or a taco, or fries or bowling…AND you get a raffle ticket to win a Chicago Bears autographed photo.”

Sometimes pushing books is the excited call to your best friend about the new restaurant you tried and loved. “Hey, [insert name of avid student reader here], you will not believe what got checked in today! Yep,  The Enemy by Charlie Higson, remember I was telling you what an awesome zombie book it is and how the way they call them ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ creeps me out completely?”

ALWAYS pushing books is my joie de vivre. I get so much out of reading myself that how could I not want to share that with others as much and as often as I possibly can? So, it makes sense that on the same day I was born (a reader), I “give birth” to I Push Books, a venue to reach out and share the love of reading with an even greater number of people. Stay tuned, I plan to push many, many books your way….


One thought on “Why “I Push Books”

  1. Great first post my brilliant literary coach. We are all here to live our joy. I love that you are doing that and I love that you have helped me love some great books too. I look forward to reading more of your suggestions in the future but am quite certain that nothing will ever come close to “Going Bovine”. Long live Balder and long live spreading your joy. You are a rock star.

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